John DaSilva [8:36 PM]
Sometimes make sacrifices and avoid making certain demands so the team can be better.

Justin Birnbaum [8:36 PM]
I like what Nicholas said.
Constant coverage plays a big factor.

Nicholas Durst [8:36 PM]
I disagree Danny. If he played in Minnesota, we would never hear about anything other than his incredible play on the field.

Justin Birnbaum [8:36 PM]
The media can paint a player in any light they choose.
The first decade of Jeter’s career when he really built his legend he didn’t have to deal with that, not to discount his greatness.

Nicholas Durst [8:37 PM]
Look at New York Mets outfield prospect Tim Tebow. The media is a main reason he was run out of the NFL despite having a winning record at QB. The Jets of course ruined his career.

Frank Curto [8:38 PM]
That’s true, but the player has to know the media is there especially in NY. Odell knew this coming in and I think he loves the attention he gets and certainly feeds off it.

Benny Tomko [8:38 PM]
Just the same way they made Sanchez look like a Joe hater in the middle of his defensive woes.

Justin Birnbaum [8:38 PM]
I think the media circus played a part, but Tebow flaming out of the NFL was more about not being a traditional pocket passer with a long release.
At the end of the day the NFL values pro-style talent more than just pure talent.

John DaSilva [8:38 PM]
In football, coaches hate distractions. Tebow was a distraction. If Odell wasn’t producing, he would be called a distraction and Reese would have gotten rid of him.

Danny Small [8:39 PM]
Tebow’s career was doomed after he left Denver.

Nicholas Durst [8:39 PM]
If Odell Beckham Jr wasn’t on the Giants, Reese would have been out of a job 3 years ago.
The NY media ate him up Danny.
The Jets are a place where all NFL players careers go to die.

Danny Small [8:40 PM]
I might be the biggest Tebow fan around but there were a lot of things that hurt Tebow’s career.

Frank Curto [8:40 PM]
True. The media feeds off players like Odell. They know he will do or say something positive or negative to write about. Lets not forget the purpose of the media.

Justin Birnbaum [8:40 PM]
Players drafted in front of Odell Beckham: Clowney, Greg Robinson, Blake Bortles, Sammy Watkins, Khalil Mack, Jake Matthews, Mike Evans, Justin Gilbert, Anthony Barr, Eric Ebron, Taylor Lewan.

Danny Small [8:40 PM]
One of the main things being that he wasn’t a good enough pure passer to lead an NFL team.

Nicholas Santuccio [8:41 PM]
Mike Evans has been throwing Gatorade jugs and making dirty hits that cost him a suspension this season and I️ feel like I️ haven’t heard anything about it.

Nicholas Durst [8:41 PM]
Because no one cares in Tampa Bay.

Justin Birnbaum [8:41 PM]
Evans and Tampa Bay as a whole definitely a major bust this year.

Nicholas Santuccio [8:41 PM]

Nicholas Durst [8:41 PM]
Jameis Winston was tickling a guy on the sideline which led to Evans suspension, but it wasn’t a big deal because it is Florida.

John DaSilva [8:41 PM]
Tebow is a great man and in order for him to be a success, he needed the right talent, system, and organization to adjust and work with him to strengthen his abilities and hide his weaknesses.

Justin Birnbaum [8:42 PM]
That’s the New York Media for you. Survive or become extinct.

Frank Curto [8:42 PM]
So how does this bring us back to the King of NY?

Danny Small [8:42 PM]
Because Tebow is the King of the World.

Justin Birnbaum [8:42 PM]
Tebow makes the Majors, breaks out, leads the Mets to the World Series, and we have this discussion a year later naming Tebow our King.

John DaSilva [8:42 PM]
Would it be safe to say Tebow was King of Denver when he was there?

Frank Curto [8:42 PM]
Judge does have a good relationship with the media.

Justin Birnbaum [8:43 PM]
I really like the respectfulness of Judge and KP.

Nicholas Durst [8:43 PM]
Tebow was the king of sports while in Denver.

Justin Birnbaum [8:43 PM]
They are really just there to play ball.

Frank Curto [8:43 PM]
Justin, we just went in a circle, lol. So it does take more than a season to be the king.

Nicholas Durst [8:43 PM]

John DaSilva [8:43 PM]
Because he is proof you don’t need to be the best on the team or at your position to be the King.

Frank Curto [8:43 PM]
Well said John.

Nicholas Durst [8:43 PM]
Agreed John.
But that is only true for football or basketball.

Danny Small [8:44 PM]
Tebow is still the King of UF forever if that counts for anything.

Nicholas Durst [8:44 PM]
If Judge played in Tampa Bay, no one would have made a big deal.

Justin Birnbaum [8:44 PM]
When I pitched this idea, I never for a moment remotely imagined we would descend into Tebowmania.

Benny Tomko [8:45 PM]
Exactly ND.

Nicholas Durst [8:45 PM]
Mike Trout, the greatest baseball player of all time would have been MVP had he stayed healthy and no one would be talking about Judge like they are. Because he plays on the West Coast, it hurts his popularity.

Danny Small [8:46 PM]
There’s always time to talk about Tebow.

Benny Tomko [8:46 PM]
Totally agree. Same goes for a guy like Nolan Arenado.

Nicholas Durst [8:46 PM]
It is Tebow Time all the time!
Benny, look at Votto and Goldschmidt.

Frank Curto [8:47 PM]
Justin you should be surprised I didn’t try to pull this thing to the NHL side lol.

John DaSilva [8:47 PM]
If you ask Houston, who is their King? Altuve or Verlander? Verlander came over and helped lead the Astros to title and also has Kate Upton.

Justin Birnbaum [8:47 PM]
I was almost certain you were going to pull this off to Zibanejad, Miller, and Buchnevich.

Nicholas Durst [8:47 PM]
Frank, Sean Avery is the King of Martin Brodeur.

Frank Curto [8:48 PM]
But let me ask you guys this off tangent question … When Marty Brodeur played, was he KING?

Nicholas Durst [8:48 PM]
No way.

Frank Curto [8:48 PM]
Nick, we are definitely on the same page brother it must be the neighborhood.

Justin Birnbaum [8:48 PM]
I don’t think so because we’ve kind of all agreed the NHL breeds tier two stars and plus that was Jeter’s time.

Nicholas Durst [8:48 PM]
Staten Islanders know what they are talking about. Except for those crazy Jet/Yankee fans.

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