Justin Birnbaum [8:14 PM]
I think that before his TJ Surgery Harvey was ready to be that guy.

Nicholas Durst [8:14 PM]
Of course in 2015 and 2016 deGrom was amazing.

Justin Birnbaum [8:15 PM]
And then after everybody just wanted it too much while it wasn’t happening.

Frank Curto [8:15 PM]
So is it consistency? Then it could be Hank. 30 wins every year but the lockout season.

John DaSilva [8:15 PM]
Harvey needed the offense to support him and deliver.

Justin Birnbaum [8:15 PM]
Hank is of the old guard though. His best days are behind him.

Benny Tomko [8:15 PM]
I don’t think any of the guys we are talking about have the longitudinal credentials we are looking for right now.

Nicholas Santuccio [8:16 PM]
What about the case for Syndergaard then? Thor persona, achievement on the field in both regular and postseason, and his new girlfriend has him making off-field headlines? Popping up at Rangers games and his interactions with Mr. Met make him a fun player to follow.

Frank Curto [8:16 PM]
Harvey never met his potential because of injuries and bad games. He will never be the pitcher he was supposed to be.

Nicholas Santuccio [8:16 PM]
Might not be the King but has a case at the least.

Frank Curto [8:16 PM]
Mr. Met could be the King lol.

Justin Birnbaum [8:16 PM]
Well, that was something I was going to pose later on, should any of the tier two guys be considered?

John DaSilva [8:16 PM]
Noah has personality, but he now has to stay healthy and produce.

Justin Birnbaum [8:16 PM]
Thor was like Harvey in that he had a meteoric rise, but injuries halted it.

Frank Curto [8:17 PM]
I think a player needs to have a few good quality years played to be in the conversation.

Justin Birnbaum [8:17 PM]
If Thor had a healthy 2017, he’d be right up there. And I know that’s a double standard because of Odell, but Odell’s popularity is on a whole other level.

Danny Small [8:17 PM]
Yeah, the injury this year hurts him, but the potential is there for Syndergaard.

John DaSilva [8:17 PM]
John Tavares could be it if Garth Snow can get a player to help him out.

Frank Curto [8:17 PM]
I think the dog peeing hydrant crap cost Odell big time.

Nicholas Durst [8:17 PM]
If Porzingis can lead the Knicks to a title, he will definitely be the King. But if he doesn’t, eventually dumb fans will turn on him and won’t appreciate him. Just like we’ve seen with Patrick Ewing, Henrik Lundqvist, and Carmelo Anthony. New York fans don’t realize what they have until they are gone.

Justin Birnbaum [8:18 PM]
I feel like the NHL is at such a bias in this discussion, hence why Tavares ends up in Tier Two in my mind.

John DaSilva [8:18 PM]
Last night, we may have seen the player to help Porzingis reach the next level, Enes Kanter.

Frank Curto [8:18 PM]
That’s true, New York fans associate greatness with championships. It’s a poor comparison.

Justin Birnbaum [8:18 PM]
Are you guys familiar with the Ewing Theory? That teams play better after their designated star is removed from the equation …

Danny Small [8:18 PM]
I agree with Nick. If Porzingis ever led the Knicks to a title this wouldn’t even be a discussion.

Justin Birnbaum [8:19 PM]
… latest example being Carmelo Anthony.

Benny Tomko [8:19 PM]
But again, we are talking about potential and needing to see more. Judge might be the MVP (although it’s probably Altuve), is the cover boy for the new baseball game for PlayStation and is dating a smoke show from the social media universe. I just don’t see how it’s not him.

Danny Small [8:19 PM]
And I also think any hockey player is automatically in Tier Two. Hockey just doesn’t move the needle for people like football, baseball, and basketball do.

Benny Tomko [8:19 PM]

Justin Birnbaum [8:20 PM]
To counter your point Benny, what Judge has done is unparalleled. But Judge didn’t revitalize the Yankees. Yeah, they were rebuilding, but they weren’t far removed from their last playoff appearance and it hasn’t even been a decade since their last title. KP is literally breathing life into the Garden right now.

Frank Curto [8:20 PM]
That may be the case, but Lundqvist is more popular than any football or basketball player in NY right now. My opinion I know, but that’s how I see it.

John DaSilva [8:20 PM]
You could be married to a superstar singer or actress, Mike Fisher and Mike Comrie, and still not be King of their City.

Nicholas Durst [8:20 PM]
Benny, Beckham Jr. was on the cover of Madden, dated famous ladies, and is by far the best player at his position in the league. He’s always is hanging with celebrities like Drake or athletes in other sports like the self-proclaimed King LeBron James. Plus, he has a shoe deal and is in a ton of commercials. Not only is he popular in NY, he is popular all over.

Frank Curto [8:21 PM]
True, John but can’t go wrong with Carrie Underwood lol.

Justin Birnbaum [8:21 PM]
And I actually think that KP not being big into NYC nightlife plays into his favor right now. It seems like certain NY sports fans crave athletes that just go out and play ball.

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