New York Rangers Will Not Be Making Any Moves ... Yet (Report)
(Photo by Bruce Bennett/Getty Images)

With the New York Rangers playing much better hockey recently, the will wait and see how things play out before making any player moves.

Bob McKenzie stated on NBCSN that the surging New York Rangers will see how things play out before making any player moves.

“There is no question that Jeff Gorton would like to make a move” and “bolster the center ice position.” Bob Mckenzie said on NBCSN during the second intermission.

McKenzie added, “Really the Rangers want to see how things unfold here, they have Rick Nash and Nick Holden on expiring contracts. It may be that the quote-unquote rebuild continues if the Rangers realize they are not good enough to be a strong playoff contender and guys like Nash and Holden and others could be in play but that is all for later. Right now there is no question that the Rangers would like to get some help at center but it’s easier said than done.”

Winning changes attitudes in the locker room and within the organization. It was only last week when the Rangers sent executives from the organization to Ottawa as the Senators hosted Montreal.

The Rangers executives were scouting potential players to include in a trade with the Canadiens. No deal was ever announced and soon after the Rangers won four of the next five games and almost all trade rumors ceased at that time.

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