Is Todd Frazier the Flavor For the New York Yankees in 2018?
NEW YORK, NY - OCTOBER 16: Todd Frazier #29 of the New York Yankees rounds the bases after hitting a 3-run home run against the Houston Astros during the second inning in Game Three of the American League Championship Series at Yankee Stadium on October 16, 2017 in the Bronx borough of New York City. (Photo by Abbie Parr/Getty Images)

This postseason has proven to be a great one for Todd Frazier. But is he destined to stay with the New York Yankees next year?

The New York Yankees made some significant moves prior to the trade deadline this season. While going from selling, they turned into buyers this year, manipulating smart trades to help them win NOW.

And it has worked thus far. The Yankees parted with some highly regarded prospects to bring in to help strengthen their bullpen, bolster their starting rotation and provide depth on their bench.

The beauty of it all is that while the big names in these trades are primarily set to remain with the Yankees into next season, there is one that might not. Todd Frazier is the odd man out.

Destined to become a free agent after the Yankees’ season ends, there is a possibility we won’t see the thumbs down-loving, slick-fielding veteran in pinstripes again. And if that happens, it would be a damn shame.

It seems as though Frazier and the Yankees have formed an incredible bond. He’s also won the hearts of the toughest fans in sports, earning his pinstripes this postseason. But the problem is that the team is getting younger and younger and signing Frazier to a long-term deal is not in the best interest of the team.

Come Opening Day next season, Frazier will be 32 years old. While not ancient by any means, this is the age where the Yankees start to dish out one-year deals in hopes that their up-and-coming prospects will prove they are worthy of time in the big leagues.

And once you look at the minor league system, you know the third base position is set for a long time to come. Miguel Andujar is an option at third and has already proven he can definitely hit at the major league level. Gleyber Torres is recovering from injury and ready to make a run to the majors.

Well, can’t they play elsewhere? Not with Didi Gregorius and Starlin Castro holding down the middle infield. The only wide-open option for these young guys would be at third base.

While Frazier may not be the best hitter in the Yankees lineup, he has come through when they’ve needed him. Just in the past two games, Frazier has driven in four runs and provided a strong veteran presence at the plate. Plus, he’s made these games exciting to watch.

Who wouldn’t want to keep Todd Frazier in their lineup? It’s not just about the numbers but about the attitude he brings to the clubhouse and the dugout. Frazier boasts the type of attitude that you want to see in your young players coming up through the system.

The problem is that keeping him would block the development of some prospects. Even though they just got him, he could be a one-and-done player, one who helped boost them both to and through the playoffs in 2017.

Regardless of whether Frazier sticks around or leaves town after the playoffs are over, he’s done more than the Yankees could have asked for this postseason, especially by hyping the team up.

Frazier is the cause of the entire thumbs down movement, which absolutely blew up. He seems to be enjoying every moment of his time in pinstripes and cheering on his teammates. In fact, his reactions to home runs are always gif-worthy.

But the idea of seeing Frazier on this team next year is highly unlikely. A 33-year-old signing a one-year deal isn’t something to bet on, as much as he loves the Bronx.

Yankees fans, I would enjoy the ToddFather while this lasts because next season, he likely won’t sign on to be a part-time player in the Bronx. As much as we can hope and pray for it, Mr. Thumbs Down probably won’t be in the Yankees’ future.

That’s what happens when you stock up for the future. Sometimes you have to let go of the past, no matter how fun that past may be.

Allison is just a girl with an enormous passion for the game of baseball and the written word. Based in Upstate New York, her life-long relationship with the New York Yankees is something that she developed through close relationships with her mother and grandfather. An aspiring sports writer, she graduated with a journalism degree and is finding places to share her excitement about the sporting world and how it affects us all.