New York Giants TE Evan Engram Snags 1st NFL Touchdown (Video)

Rookie tight end Evan Engram snags his first NFL touchdown on a beautiful play fake carried about by quarterback Eli Manning.

Did you see that play? No, really … check it out again.

It’s not your regular run-of-the-mill playaction call in the National Football League. Yes, New York Giants quarterback Eli Manning does a tremendous job in carrying out the play fake (in a quick dive right up the A-gap), but the genius came in where Evan Engram’s route originated from.

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Rarely will any route, even on a playaction start from within the tackles. When running backs move from the backfield and into the play, they’ll usually start it based on the outside of one of the tackles. In this case, Engram shoots right up the A or B-gap right after the play starts after he goes in motion (video above).

With the second quarter nearing the midway point, the teams are still tied at seven all.

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