Joe Girardi
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Last night’s victory meant more than another win for the New York Yankees. It put Joe Girardi in elite company.

Happy Saturday, New York Yankees fans! We wake up on this fine morning with a winning record and a not-so-quiet confidence in the offense these Yankees have been showing recently.

Today, however, we celebrate Joe Girardi. No, he may not make every decision we want, especially when it comes to the bullpen. However, he must be doing something right.

With last night’s victory, Girardi found himself in exclusive company. He earned his 900th win as a Yankees manager.

So while fans might disagree with him quite often, he clearly has found a way to win…900 times. Good for you, Girardi. That’s a big middle finger to all the haters.

And it seems like the closer the Yankees get to the playoffs, the better mood they’re in. The Yankees announced yesterday that they will be doing their part to help in the relief efforts for Hurricane Irma.

The hurricane directly affected their last series with the Tampa Bay Rays and seeing them make an individual effort to help out a community in need is incredible.

In addition to giving back to the community, the Yankees designed their field in honor of the passing of Gene Michael.

The Yankees painted his number 17 on the field and held a special moment of silence for the longtime Yankees legend.

Thank you for all you did to bring this organization back to greatness. We can’t thank you enough.

That’s all for today! Be sure to stay in touch with ESNY for the hottest takes and the coolest plays from you favorite New York baseball team!

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