Why the New York Knicks Can't Afford to Screw Up the 2017 NBA Draft 1
Feb 12, 2017; New York, NY, USA; New York Knicks president Phil Jackson and general manager Steve Mills look on during the second half against the San Antonio Spurs at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Adam Hunger-USA TODAY Sports

The 2017 NBA Draft is one of the deepest drafts in recent years, and the New York Knicks can’t afford to screw up.

The New York Knicks have not used the draft as a way to build their roster. In fact, Kristaps Porzingis is the only player on the team the Knicks drafted.

This is a great draft for all of that to change and get the Knicks moving in the right direction with good young talent.

Also, Phil Jackson has shown a high interest in this draft class. That is evident with him trying to acquire another first round pick.

If Jackson can pull off a trade for another first rounder, then it would a be a rare victory for him during his tenure with the Knicks.

The more picks in this draft, the better, can’t stress that enough. But even if the Knicks aren’t able to obtain another pick, that eighth pick they have is crucial.

The Knicks need a point guard, and there are a few options they can choose from. Whether that’s Dennis Smith Jr., who the New York Knicks brought in for a workout, or if they opt to go international and bring in the French kid Frank Ntilikina.

Whoever the player is the Knicks bring in, their scouting department and management can’t afford a swing and miss.

They can’t have what happened to them the last time the Knicks had the eighth pick. That was in 2008, and the Knicks got Jordan Hill. Hill didn’t last too long with the Knicks, and his career has consisted of him riding the bench.

The Knicks also need to draft the best player that is available at eight. They have numerous team needs, but the most important thing to do in this draft is taking the most talented guy.

Drafting a guy just because he fits a system better could result in missing the next big superstar in the league.

An example of what I am referring to is drafting a guy like Ntilikina. He would be a good fit for the Knicks because of the triangle offense.

There are multiple issues with this. One the Knicks commitment to the triangle offense never last. Since Jackson has taken over the organization, each coach has claimed the triangle will be the offensive system.

But it never seems to remain that way. They run it for a few weeks or so and then the offense dissolve into something else. The Knicks once again say this year they will be committed to the offense. But I will believe when I see it.

Drafting a guy for an offense that never last isn’t a smart move. The other reason who knows how much longer Jackson is going to be in town.

To draft a guy for his system when he could be out the door in a few year makes no sense. If Jackson is removed, which right now he has done nothing to improve the Knicks. So if James Dolan had any brain cells he would kick Jackson out the door.

So if someone else is brought in obviously the system will change. And the player that was drafted for the triangle is no longer a fit.

The argument could be made that the problem is the players the Knicks have don’t fit the triangle so that’s why drafting young guys that can run the system would be great and help it work.

The problem is the offense is not a widespread offense. Meaning most of the kids that are coming from the draft haven’t run the triangle offense before. There is no guarantee they will pick it up even if they have attributes that appear would fit the system.

Ntilikina is a guy that has experience with the triangle offense and believes he and Porzingis would be a great fit together. But the reality is there will be more talent guys then him.

Whether that is a Smith or a Malik Monk, these guys are most likely going to have more success number wise than a Ntilikina and are more NBA ready.

They must take the more talented guys especially in the first round. Jackson’s stubbornness can’t get in the way of this one. If he leaves a more talented player on the board for his system, it will be another mistake made by him.

New York Knicks received a gem when they drafted Porzingis with the fourth pick in the 2015 draft. This draft also appears to have quite a few gems.

Finding the right guy or perhaps guys if they can get more picks can certainly propel them in the right direction with having a bright future. They have a serious chance to better themselves for the future.

They have a serious chance to better themselves for the future. Having good young talented players certainly, attracts the big names in free agency.

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