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New York Rangers: Mika Zibanejad Drops Fire Tracks As He Awaits Extension (Video)

As The New York Rangers try to figure out their offseason moves, Mika Zibanejad has it figured out with his fire single dropping Jun. 2.

Mika Zibanejad is taking advantage of the New York spotlight for more than just hockey. Many know the talented Zibanejad is also a DJ and has shown is love for music as various charity events and in the Blueshirts locker room.

Mika Zibanejad took to Twitter over the last week to announce that his very first single, Forever, will be dropping on Friday, June 2.

Mika being relaxed and able to focus on his music could be a good thing for New York Rangers Fans. On Jul. 1, Zibanejad will become a restricted free agent who is arbitration eligible. His prior contract was a 2 year, $2.625 million per year bridge deal. This has Mika set up for a long-term extension with the Broadway Blueshirts.

There is no question DJ ZBAD (Yeah, that’s really his name) wants to stay in New York. I mean come on, the guy is trying to rival Henrik for the greatest hair and most talented athlete in New York. In reality, Mika and his agent will likely be looking for a deal in the 3-5 year range at about $4.00 million per year. We have all seen this game before. All in favor of Mika will be asking for more money, the New Rangers will low ball him, and the arbitrator will split the difference. After all, It’s a business and all parties involved understand.

Two things are certain come Jul. 1. Firstly, Mika Zibanjead at a young age of 24 will be extended with the New York Rangers. His talent and age alone prove his worth to an organization. Secondly, Mika will blow us all away with his fire single to be released June 2.

I expect big things to come for Mika Zibanejad and the New York Rangers. Even with his horrific leg injury, Mika was able to compile 37 points in his 56 games this past season. Even more impressive was his nine points in 12 playoff games. The sky is the limit for Z, both in hockey and in music. Expect a big season next year.

Henrik Collaboration?

Life will not be complete until DJ ZBAD and Henrik Lundqvist collaborate on a single together. Mika on the ones and twos with Henrik strumming that sexy guitar would be a dream come true. Make it happen, Mika. Better yet, win the damn Cup. For

For now, let’s just enjoy Mika grooving at the club.

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