New York Rangers: Michael Grabner Responds to Fans on Twitter
May 2, 2017; New York, NY, USA; New York Rangers right wing Michael Grabner (40) celebrates his goal against the Ottawa Senators with teammates during the first period of game three of the second round of the 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs at Madison Square Garden. Mandatory Credit: Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

New York Rangers left wing Michael Grabner is surprisingly entertaining when responding to fan questions on Twitter.

Twitter is a place where people, especially athletes, can show their personality. New York Rangers left wing Michael Grabner has been responding to fans who have asked him questions on Twitter.

One user asked Grabner what his favorite lifts for explosiveness on the ice. He responded with clean, box jumps. The same person asked if he ever does less than five reps and the response was yup.

One fan said that he still crack up about Derek Stepan asking the Ranger how often he does arms in a week, which the left wing answered six.

Grabner replied by never saying too many arms. Apparently, he has six arms. If you have six arms, Michael, then shouldn’t you be a better player?

Another person asked the left wing what his go-to pump up song is. The answer is “Ayo Technology” by 50 Cent. One guy asked if he gets a tattoo of Grabner’s face on his butt, would Grabner hang out with him.

The Ranger said that he would if he got both nipples pierced too. The question is Michael how do you know that that guy has man boobs?

One fan asked Michael what makes Pavel Buchnevich so Russian.

He replied with a question that he was born in Russia. So he contributed to making Donald Trump president since he’s from Russia?

Someone asked how they can get jacked like Michael. Michael answered by working out a lot. When asked about what Step was like in the dressing room Grabner said that he’s a great guy.

Another person asked what Hank’s hair is like and he said it’s a wig. Who knew that Hank was bald?

One user asked Grabner about his favorite workout at the gym. He said the should and back (biceps).

The same guy then asked what about the back 9 and Grabner asked if gyms have 18 holes.

Another fan asked Grabner who’s the go-to guy to hang out with, saying he likes Hayes. Grabner responded by saying that Hayes is a beauty.

Which begs the question does Grabner have a man crush on Hayes?

Let’s hope that Grabner continues to answer the fans on Twitter because it’s entertaining to watch.

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