New York Rangers do nothing after Brandon Pirri is crosschecked from behind (Video)

Thursday night in Boston while taking on the Bruins, the soft New York Rangers did nothing after teammate Brandon Pirri was crosschecked.

Allow me to make one thing abundantly clear before you continue reading onward. Nobody is calling for an all-out brawl to commence. That’s not the point here.

In the New York Rangers game in Boston against the Bruins on Thursday night, something happened that could be deemed quite alarming among the diehard fans.

After a Matt Puempel shot deflected into the TD Garden crowd (it still feels better to call it the Boston Garden), forward Brandon Pirri was dumped while in front of the opponents’ net:

Dumped is usually fine when working in the dirty areas, but on this particular play, Pirri was crosschecked from behind well after the play had ended. 

This is a no-no in the world of hockey.

Another no-no? Not reacting to the first infraction and not coming to the aid of a teammate.

Oscar Lindberg, as great as he’s been, needed to inject himself immediately after his linemate hit the ice in an unsportsmanlike fashion. No, he didn’t have to come out swinging or drop the gloves. All he had to do was approach Kevin Miller, get in his face and let him know that his actions are not cool.

Instead, this Charmin soft Rangers team watched their teammate go down in a dirty way and skated to the bench.

If any Rangers fan thinks this attitude is going to lead them to a Stanley Cup in 2017, they’re sorely mistaken.



  1. Exactly. Been saying that all season long. No Dylan McIllrath. No Tanner Glass. And no intensity, team unity or willingness to stand up for themselves. And if they try they usually get beat down anyway.Been a Ranger fan for 37 years and I hate these soft AV teams. Yes they score. Cant complain about that. But you always need some grit. Especially come playoff time!

  2. Last night officiating was horrible…..that Xcheck was right in front of the ref. NO CALL. Other penalties were taking place like Nash stick was slashed broken and no call. The refs were horrible.