With Henrik Lundqvist having reached career win No. 400, we examine where he ranks in New York sports history among non-championship players.

February 11, 2017 — Henrik Lundqvist picked up career win No. 400. With the milestone win, The King creeps up a spot on our list of the 10 best New York athletes without a professional championship to their name.

NY sports fans love a winner but, unfortunately, circumstances don’t always work out for the athletes fans adore. Sometimes the teams they played for just weren’t any good. Other times, legendary dynasties blocked their teams’ paths to a title. Whatever the reason, they were never able to win it all.

The following list consists of Hall of Famers, potential Hall of Famers and, in the case of a certain Yankee, a should-be Hall of Famer. Many of them have their numbers retired and the ones still playing will likely be the last to wear their’ digits.

The following 10 New York area athletes thrilled and amazed us over the course of their careers, but were never able to finish with the ultimate prize.

I've wanted to write about sports since the first time I read Mike Lupica of the NY Daily News rip George Steinbrenner about the Boss' treatment of Dave Winfield. The Pen truly is mightier than the sword. I still look forward to reading the sports section in the paper every morning. Writing about sports, even in a part time capacity is a dream come true.