3. Ruben Rivera and Jesus Montero were the only two prospects since 1983 to be ranked No. 1 for three straight seasons


Ruben Rivera had it made. Unfortunately, his opportunity just wasn’t with the Yankees.

Rivera, the cousin of Mariano Rivera, showed incredible promise in the outfield but only played 51 games for the Yanks. Even worse, his second go-around with the Yankees ended with an ugly off-field incident.

Montero was more recent, earning the #1 spot on the Yankees prospect list from 2010-2012. However, Montero couldn’t quite handle the pressure that comes with playing in New York.

Even after being traded to the Seattle Mariners, he still couldn’t live up to the hype. In four years in Seattle, he batted .247 with only 24 home runs.

The stories of prospect busts are sad, but these two just never could figure out how to succeed in the major leagues.

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