New York Rangers: 2-year old in crib chants ‘Let’s go Rangers’ (Video)

A baby monitor captured a 2-year old New York Rangers fan chanting, “Let’s go Rangers” all by his lonesome in his crib.

As MSG Network play-by-play man once said, “And this one will last a lifetime.”

Should the New York Rangers win a Stanley Cup 10 years from now, this little one will actually be able to witness it. As of right now, understanding the game at just 2-years of age might be a little tough.

This doesn’t stop the young one from chanting his favorite phrase.

Check out the adorable video above. Twitter user @Npflynn71 posted this one of his 2-year-old baby chanting, “Let’s go Rangers” all by his lonesome. The magical moment was captured on the baby monitor (thank god for baby monitors).

Although the Blueshirts fell to the hated Philadelphia Flyers on Wednesday night and won’t see action until next Tuesday, this young one can’t get enough.

H/T Twitter, @Npflynn71