New York Rangers’ Michael Grabner and Kevin Klein understand ‘Saturdays are for the boys’ (Photo)

Michael Grabner and Kevin Klein of the New York Rangers are fully aware that “Saturdays are for the boys.”

Though posted a few days ago, we now understand one thing concerning Kevin Klein and Michael Grabner. 

These two New York Rangers understand that “Saturdays are for the boys.”

Both donning the famous Barstool Sports apparel, Klein and Grabs were spotted wearing the gear while traveling on their team’s mini-road trip last week.

The photographer of this photo was defenseman Adam Clendening, who, apparently, just popped his photo-cherry (realizing this once reading the caption).

New York rides a three-game win streak after defeating both the Maple Leafs and Red Wings on the road and taking care of the Kings at home on Monday night.

Next up will be the Philadelphia Flyers for a Wednesday Night Rivalry date on NBC Sports.

H/T Instagram, @grabner40


    • I know, right?!

      Seeing that commitment to strength and conditioning plus how he’s been skating this year, he looks like a guy who will still find a role/place on an NHL well into his 30’s.

      • since he wasn’t home groan he was not on your desired list this summer

        thankfully gorton had a different view and realized many of sather/clarks picks were outright bad and we needed to find good player elsewhere

          • actually i do so again you are wrong as you often are.

            you are known to make a lot of baseless predictions. so they will be remembered as well as the poor drafts of sather/clark. despite your self appointed role as chief sather draft apologist contrary opinions are allowed.

          • Making stuff up to suit your agenda doesn’t qualify as holding people accountable.

          • not making anything up. you are well known for your pro sather/clark draft responses and you often go on attack mode on those who take the picks and the scouts to task.

            you also sought (and received from sather) such changes as losing stralman and replacing with dan boyle.. and more recently you did not want grabner signed as you wanted spots for buchnevich, vesey as well as fast and li.ndberg.

            all facts.

          • You can make up all the shit you want, doesn’t make it true LIJ (JJ) Trump. The only thing you got partially right was that I was in effect more pro-Sather than I was anti-Sather — EXCEPT for his free agent signings.

            Re: Grabner, never said that … not one bit. I did favor spots though for the 4 players you mentioned … and got them.

            You’re a pathological liar … so you would fit right in with the new administration.

          • wrong as usual

            the ufa signings were generally good as were most trades. it was the drafting during the sather/clark error where they failed miserably

            you were very much against the grabner signing. love watching you run from your statements.

            i laugh at the way you support some of the bigger failures. jessiman, mcilrath, blackburn, montoya the list goes on and on.

          • Blackburn wasn’t a failed pick he was an unfortunate one due to a career ending injury. Re: Jessiman I’ve only stated that the Rangers weren’t the only team impressed with his play at Dartmouth.

            The UFA signings were good? Like Drury for a couple of years, Gomez, Holik and Redden (being the worst of the bunch) … and how many years did we get out of Brad Richards versus how many years did he sign for? There’s a guy who got benched in the playoffs his last 2 years.

            Lastly, no I wasn’t against the Grabner signing, stop making shit up to make you feel better about yourself.

          • blackburn was a failed pick. look at his numbers before the injury. its completely unacceptable to take a goalie that high and they did it with him and montoya. you were very high on the jessiman pick even many years after

            holik was pre cap. redden was a failed pick (so you the blind squirrel got 1 right after the fact)

            drury played both ends and scored at least 20 i think one yr was 25 his 1st 2 yrs before all the blocked shots took its toll. you only wish $tepan would get that many.

            gomez was fine his 2 yrs here and pts the one yr far exceeded anything $tepan has done

            richards along with marty st louis led us on and off the ice in leadership roles to get us to finals

            the problem has always been the draft where failed picks and there were many affect us for 10-12-even 15 yrs.

            the sather/clark drafts have killed us.

            i will continue to call you on your bs.

          • When you sign free agents to BIG long term contracts and they give you 1 or 2 good years, that’s a fail — I pardon Drury because of injury.

            Re Blackburn:

            That is NOT a failed pick, that’s a nice record of accomplishment for such a young goalie playing behind what was arguably one of the worse defenses in all the League. Besides, that was a different “era” in terms of goaltending numbers. Anything over .900 was considered pretty good — .915 and up very good. Given his age and the quality of the team, his .894 stacks up pretty well.

            In his rookie year when Richter posted a .906 save percentage in 50+ games, Blackburn was .898 in 30+ games. The following year when Richter was at .897, Blackburn was at .890 — again, more evidence that despite his tender young age he could hang with the bigger boys.

            No, these aren’t stellar numbers … but again, we’re talking about a teenager playing in the NHL behind a porous and disorganized defense. The future looked bright and pretty much everybody thought so — aside from you, after the fact of his career-ending injury.

          • 2 good yrs in some cases out of 2 like gomez in others out of 4 yrs but the first 2 yrs were very good and in some cases got us to finals

            the real problem is the abysmal drafts during he sather/clark error.. affects us for a decade or more. i don’t expect you to understand that.

            blackburn being one of the bigger fails and was the moment he was drafted.

            the draft fail list gets longer and longer. mcilrath now firmly on the bad pick list

          • You can’t rewrite those contracts, they were all for 6-7 years — not 2 years. Just because Sather found an idiot to take Gomez off our hands and give us a top prospect does not make the signing an intrinsically good one.

            Blackburn was a damn good pick — and I trust the judgment of the professionals over yours.

          • facts are facts. gomez played here 2 yrs not 7

            league changed certain rules after the fact example richards signing.cap recapture came into being. as did the players % went from 57% to 50% that alone accounted for his full salary. again he was a leader on cup final team.

            you’re wrong as usual on blackburn. terrible pick for that slot in draft. another one in failed column in the sather/clark error

          • The players didn’t even come remotely close to finishing out their deals. The changes you talk about may have made them “worse” deals, but they were still bad deals.

            At #10, he was a good pick — a bona fide starting goaltending prospect who was well on his way to taking the job over for Richter. We just got “lucky” that Hank came along when he did, right after Blackburn’s injury … otherwise we could have sucked through the whole decade.

          • wrong all the way through

            got to deal with facts not your alternative reality

            if a guy is here 2 yrs we judge him on those 2 yrs not what they did after.

            its not a bad deal when a guy acts as de facto captain on cup final team.

            blackburn was a fireable pick. we were lucky that smiths scouts had significant input into drafting henrik.

            you’ll never admit it but draft wise it is indeed the sather error.

          • Facts? Fact is a VAST majority of people believe all four of those signings (Drury, Gomez, Redden and Richards) were BAD — again though, a small pass on Drury considering he injured himself. You’re not just in a minority, you’re in a statistically tiny insignificant minority.

            Re: Gomez, the signing was bad — the TRADE was good. None of those players though matched up with the hype of their signing … and in Richards case, you had a so-called 1st line center who in years 2 and 3 got benched in the playoffs because his play had deteriorated so much. Considering he was bought out with YEARS left on his contract tells you it was a bad deal and only excusable if he had brought us a Stanley Cup — he didn’t.

          • wrong again although many just can’t stop focusing on the very end of a players contract/career.

            you live in a fantasy parallel universe. facts include gomez was here only 2 yrs. look at his numbers thse 2 yrs and they were more than fine.

            re richards explained that league changed rules after the fact including cap recapture penalty and significant reduction in overall cap.

            you fail to see the far bigger picture. the faiilures led by jessiman, blackburn, montoya, mcilrath, del zotto and thts just the tip of the iceberg.

            the sather/clark error and all their draft failings is the elephant in the room. the fact you fail to see this is not a surprise. you didn’t want grabner here you wanted stralman gone replaced by dan boyle. you wanted tanner glass signed. you defend far too many of the failed picks.

            your track record is not a good one.

          • Oh great, 2 years out of 7 … and you blame people for viewing that as a bad contract? lol

            Re Richards, he sucked for significant stretches in years 2 and 3. He was more of a hindrance than a help.

            As for the rest of it, stop making shit up about Tanner Glass, Stralman, etc., otherwise prove it.

          • wrong as usual

            none of them were here 7 yrs or even close. different rules after the fact, injuries, trades being reasons.

            dead wrong on richards.

            stop denying your past statements where you got very abusive if somebody disagreed.

            your credibility is very much in question.

            re the drafts. a failed 1st rd pick especially those earlier in draft like jessiman, blackburn and montoya is significant and is gift that keeps on giving. affects tesm for 10-12-15 yrs.

            sather needed to be gone many yrs ago. clark too.pantheon too.

          • You’re delusional about the UFA’s … and a liar about my past statements. Seek professional help.

          • i’m holding you accountable for all you blabbered about in past.

            yes you’ve appointed yourself as chief sather draft apologist. but his track record in that regard is about as bad as yours overall.

          • I really wish I could help you out. I’m sure there’s medication for what ails you, unfortunately I don’t possess the degree/license in psychiatry to prescribe it for you. Please seek out a psychiatrist. Start by showing him your delusional responses here, I’m pretty sure he’ll understand the issue. Have a great day!

          • if i remember correctly you wanted us to resign yandle after approving the trade for him a couple of yrs ago. or are you going to deny this one too

            The 15 Most Overrated Players In The NHLBY KEAN DOHERTY IN NHLVIEW ALL ON ONE PAGE
            5. Keith Yandle – Florida Panthers
            What ails the Panthers this season — and cost Gerard Gallant his job — is a general malaise and sore backs from too much self congratulations after a good, but not great, 2015-16 season. That sickness extends to the blue line, where high-priced help like Keith Yandle have not performed to expectations. The Cats, we think, whiffed on the contract they gave Yandle this past summer, a massive seven-year, $44.45 million pact with a no movement clause for the first six years of the deal. Yandle, 29, has always been an exceptional offensive defenceman (he has 23 points in 47 games) but is not a great defensive defenceman, which has cost the Panthers dearly, as his -3 rating only adds to the team’s crappy differential (-20). That negatively offsets his offensive contributions, too, because the Panthers have the third worst goals for. Which means Florida put way too much emphasis on his offensive upside, but no attention at all to his defensive deficiencies.