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Early offensive stat projections for the 2017 New York Yankees

Jacoby Ellsbury

  • PA: 561
  • AVG: .263
  • HR: 9
  • OBP: .322
  • SB: 23
  • RBI: 51

Yes, folks, the Yankees are paying $153 million over seven years for a former All-Star in Jacoby Ellsbury who is now a shell of himself.

Despite being the X-Factor in 2017, doesn’t mean he’ll be so in a positive way and FanGraphs sees little improvement from the inconsistent 33-year old.

Ellsbury is projected to sport a .322 OBP which would be the worst of his career among his full seasons in the bigs. That same number already declined by 24 since his days in Boston, and won’t get any better anytime soon.

Following next season, he’ll have just over $63 million of guaranteed money until 2020 and unless he could turn an infrequent hot-streak thrown in the mix into persistence, it’s going to be a long three years.