Things have grown quiet on the New York Mets’ offseason front. But fans should hold back from getting too restless.

The MLB Hot Stove has of course slowed after a flurry of moves that followed the Winter Meetings last month. In fact, the only significant move that New York Mets general manager Sandy Alderson was able to make was the re-signing of slugger Yoenis Cespedes.

Cespedes was signed for four years, $110 million — an average of $27 million a year. According to, the Mets’ 2017 payroll currently sits at $103 million, making it the 13th highest in the league.

In comparison, rival clubs like the Washington Nationals are at $120 million, the World Series champion Chicago Cubs are spending $132 million and the Los Angeles Dodgers rank first in payroll at a whopping $200 million.

Mets fans may see those numbers and go out of their Metropolitan-loving minds. In a city where baseball is king, the franchise they pledge loyalty to is a middle-of-the-pack team based on payroll. As usual, their cross-city neighbor, the New York Yankees, have a payroll that dwarfs the Mets’ payroll by over $70 million.

It’s no secret that the Wilpons are still feeling the effects of the Madoff Ponzi scheme, in which they are forced to pay back gains to victims. Alderson has worked with this restriction since taking over the team in October 2010. There was certainly a rough stretch over the first few years of his tenure, including consecutive losing seasons and the departures of beloved players like Jose Reyes.

The last two seasons have validated the Wilpons’ belief in Alderson, though, as the Mets have enjoyed back-to-back postseason appearances and possessed a bevy of young talent showcased during each season.

So Mets fans, “R-E-L-A-X” — here is why you should feel confident going into the 2017 campaign.


  1. The fallacy of patience in the free agent marketplace is that you’re dealing with a limited supply of resources. You wait and Joaquin Benoit is gone. You wait some more and Brad Zeigler is gone. You wait some more and Drew Storen is off the market.

    The patient approach is fine if you are either content with the table scraps leftover once everyone has picked over the best bits IF you combine it with a solid trade strategy. The impatience fans feel is that neither has happened. Sandy Alderson is the only GM in baseball not to have added a single player to the roster who wasn’t there when the 2016 season ended (and he lost 5-6 to boot). Now, no one is crying over losing Jon Niese or Alejandro De Aza (or even Kelly Johnson), but for a team crying over bullpen help you’d think there might have been some effort made to retain Jerry Blevins and/or Fernando Salas.