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Conor McGregor announces ambitions to tackle new sport in comical advertisement (Video)

UFC megastar Conor McGregor has announced his ambitions to take on a new sport in a recently released advertisement.

In a recently released advertisement for the Pegasus World Cup, Conor McGregor has dominated all of the competition handed to him in the UFC, which has left him with no other choice to resort to pressing his luck in a new sport, horse racing.

McGregor can be seen in the comical advertisement stating that he wants to become “pound-for-pound best jockey on the planet.” While it is very unlikely McGregor does achieve this goal, at least we know from the video that he has a very good coach in the form of comedian Jon Lovitz.

Since it seems like a fight between Floyd Mayweather and McGregor won’t be happening anytime soon, maybe the Irish-born star should actually pursue this career in jockeying where he might actually find some actual competition.

Nevertheless, despite a future in jockeying looking bleak, maybe McGregor could further his acting career since he did not do too shabby of a job in this two-minute long promotional video. He would most definitely be a box office attraction.

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