New York Rangers Prospect Tyler Wall Discusses Life As A Hockey Player (Interview)

New York Rangers prospect goaltender Tyler Wall discusses life as a hockey player with Elite Sports NY’s Jake Weingarten.

Earlier this year in the NHL Entry Draft, the New York Rangers found themselves in the sixth round. They were ready to pull the trigger on a youngster.

That’s when they announced the name Tyler Wall, the 18-year-old goaltender who was committed to UMass-Lowell. The Rangers prospect was recently named East Defensive Player Of The Week. He went 2-0-0 saving 42 of 44 shots (955 sv%) to begin his college career.

I caught up with the exciting goalie earlier, as we spoke about his life on the ice, the influential people in his career, and being part of the Rangers organization.

Jake Weingarten: What is it like to be one of the top goalies in your division right now?

Tyler Wall: It feels really good to have success in my first couple of starts, but I think it’s too early in the season to make the claim of being a top goalie in the division.

JW: What was it like to hear your name called 174th by the New York Rangers?

TW: By far, the best moment of my entire life.

JW: How big of an impact has Coach Bazin (UMass-Lowell) had on you early in your career?

TW: The style of play that he teaches us really simplifies the games for the goalies. Coach Ellsworth (Cam Ellsworth, Asst.Coach, Goaltender Coach) has also taught me a lot of goaltending training, which we have used so far this year.

JW: What was going through your mind when your coach called you out to enter your first career game against Colorado College?

TW: I love every chance to play so it was exciting.

JW: When, and how did you know that UMass-Lowell was the best choice for you?

TW: UMass-Lowell has a great engineering program which is what I am majoring in, and they had a top 10 program with an awesome goaltending coach.

JW: Who is your favorite NHL player?

TW: Ed Belfour

JW: Which NHL player do you compare yourself too?

TW: Carey Price

JW: How do you plan to be the best goalie you can be?

TW: It’s all about working hard, but at the same time you wanna have fun. I love being on the ice and as long as I continue to have fun, I’ll keep putting in the work to get better.

JW: With games like UMass and Boston University on your schedule, how will you prepare for these big games?

TW: I like to stay loose before the games and joke around and have fun with the boys.

JW: Most influential teammate or coach you have ever been with in your entire hockey career?

TW: One of my most influential teammates was Nick Jraige. He taught me to love the game and was always there through my struggles.

JW: Have you been to a Rangers game, and have you imagined yourself playing in one some day?

TW: I’ve never been to a Rangers game, but playing at Madison Square Garden in front of those fans would be a dream come true.

JW: Who is Tyler Wall, on and off the ice?

TW: I’m the same person on the ice as off the ice. I have a pretty laid back personality and love to joke around and have fun with friends and teammates.

Hello Rangers fans, my name is Jake Weingarten and i really love the rangers. The rangers mean a lot to me, whether it's the fans, players, or the history. I've enjoyed many games at MSG and on the road, but none better then game 7 2015 against the Washington Capitals. If i had to choose a favorite blueshirt of all-time, it would be Carl Hagelin. Last thing, always believe in yourself and never doubt your thoughts. Let's go Rangers!.