New York Rangers: Henrik Lundqvist’s New Mask Revealed (Video)

It’s that very special time again: the time that New York Rangers stud goaltender Henrik Lundqvist reveals his new mask.

Of course, Lady Liberty is involved. Did you actually believe for one moment she wouldn’t be involved in a Henrik Lundqvist goalie mask?

Yet again, New York Rangers goaltender Henrik Lundqvist is coming out with a brand-spanking new goalie mask (video above). It was revealed by the Instagram account @davidofdaveart.

Here’s a photo going into more detail on Hank’s new mask:

The design isn’t completely unique to last year’s mask, but most definitely has it’s new snazzy quirks.

Although I, personally, prefer a more classic (less noisy) design, we give it an official Elite Sports NY two thumbs up.

H/T Instagram, davidofdaveart