New York Jets: Matchup Against Antonio Brown Is A Severe Mismatch
Geoff Burke, USATSI

The New York Jets have to go up against the best receiver in the league in Antonio Brown. On paper, it’s a nightmare waiting to happen.

If it were 2009, the New York Jets wouldn’t have a lot to worry about. They would put their all-world corner Darrelle Revis, who would be on his way to getting snubbed for Defensive Player of the Year, on Antonio Brown and call it a day.

Unfortunately, it’s 2016, and Darrelle Revis is older, slower, and also injured. So, the Jets have a ton to worry about on Sunday.

Not only has their offense looked brutally bad over the last two weeks, but their secondary has been in shambles. The combination of Ben Roethlisberger and Antonio Brown should be causing Todd Bowles to lose a ton of sleep this week.

The Jets may be without Revis, who has played better after a terrible start. So, it will take the village to cover him.

It’s almost inevitable that the Jets will double team Brown. There should be a safety over the top at all times because Brown and Big Ben can really force the issue down the field.

Unfortunately, for the Jets, their safety Calvin Pryor, who was so good a year ago, looks completely lost. Disastrous conditions could be taking place in the Jet secondary on Sunday.

For the Jets to have a chance they are going to need their defensive line, the strength of their team to dominate. We saw it week one when they constantly had Andy Dalton on his back.

Since then, their production has dropped off. They are going to need a Week 1 performance or better in order to win this game. If Roethlisberger doesn’t have time to throw, his timing with Brown can be disrupted.

That’s likely the best plan of action. Unfortunately, trying to knock down Big Ben is about as easy as trying to knock down the real Big Ben in London so this is a lot easier said than done.

The Jets defense must limit the damage so the offense isn’t forced to be one dimensional given Ryan Fitzpatrick’s recent struggles.

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