The NHL preseason has provided some very interesting insight as to what we can expect from the New York Rangers this year. Here’s what we have learned so far.

In every professional sport, the preseason is often ridiculed for being useless. The games mean nothing, teams struggle to get fans to the show-up, and star players often find themselves on the bench in favor of young guys trying to crack the roster. Heck, some NFL fans have even suggested getting rid of the preseason finale and adding a 17th game to the regular season.

While many of these beliefs are true, in many cases coaches are able to find out a lot about their teams such as who’s ready for opening night and who is not.

One team who has definitely been the beneficiary of a worthwhile preseason has been the New York Rangers.

The Blueshirts come into this year with an abnormal amount of question marks regarding their defensive corps and their unprecedented forward depth. While not all of those questions don’t have answers yet, Alain Vigneault certainly has learned things about his squad that he didn’t know last Wednesday.

Whether it’s recognizing a specific skill set or determining a roster spot, everything that Vigneault can gather helps, especially considering how many unknowns the Rangers find themselves with.

Here’s what we’ve learned so far:

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