New York Mets Rookies In ‘A League Of Their Own’ Unis Tops Everything (Video)

Many rookie hazing schemes are classic, but the New York Mets version in 2016 tops them all in a “League of their own” type way.

It’s just Robert Gsellman in a dress walking on the streets of Philadelphia. There’s nothing to see here.

Take a look at the video above. Gsellman and his rookie colleagues were tasked by the New York Mets to throw on A League of their Own uniforms and grab morning coffee prior to their National League Wild Card clinching game against the Philadelphia Phillies.

Last week we chronicled the New York Yankees rookie hazing scheme when they forced Gary Sachez, Aaron Judge and many more to wear onesies. This one, though, tops them all.

There’s nothing quite like getting grown men in dresses and having them fetch coffee in public.

I gotta say this, too: Gsellman or Gena Davis quickly becomes a fierce competition in my mind.

H/T Twitter, @Mets