New York Yankees: Baby Bombers Take Part In Rookie Hazing Ritual

Following a 2-0 loss to Tampa Bay on Thursday night, New York Yankees rookies boarded the plane in interesting attire.

To continue the tradition of New York Yankees rookies having to dress up in comical attire, the 2016 Yankees rooks were handed onesie pajamas to wear on the flight to Toronto.

Gary Sanchez, Mason Williams, Luis Cessa, Tyler Austin, Richard Bleier, and Ben Heller were some of the notable Yankees to have to take part in the annual ritual (photo above).

Last year the players had to dress up as 80s hip-hop stars. This year they decided to take the “Baby Bombers” title a little too seriously. Even Gary Sanchez’s translator, Marlin Abreu, had to take part in the fun, dressing up in a green onesie to join his colleagues.

Despite the somber mood in the clubhouse following the loss and the difficult position the team is in, this tradition was able to lighten things up a bit and create a little bit of fun in the clubhouse.

H/T CBS New York