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Tom Brady Tosses Football With Son At Michigan (Video)

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady posted a video taken from Michigan’s football field when he had a catch with his son.

While this is a well-executed and ultimately cute little video, Tom Brady must have some serious time on his hands.

Well, he does. It will not be until Week 5 that we see him calling the shots under center for the New England Patriots.

Having a catch with his son on the football field of his alma matter, Brady created a video which included a voice over play call as if it was live NFL action. His son ran a successful fade route and caught an accurate feed from his dad, who is currently serving a four-game suspension due to his involvement in the “deflategate” scandal.

Clearly, he is extremely antsy to get back on the field.

With that said, he is positioned for success from the get-go. New England’s unexpected Week 1 win in Arizona puts them in a position to feasibly go 4-0 prior to fielding their legendary QB once again.

H/T: Bleacher Report

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