Elite Sports NY’s 2016 NFL Preview & Predictions

John Rieger, USATSI
John Rieger, USATSI

AFC West

  1. Kansas City Chiefs – 12-4, 5-1
  2. Denver Broncos – 9-7, 4-2
  3. Oakland Raiders – 6-10, 2-4
  4. San Diego Chargers – 4-12, 1-5

chiefs_150The hard-hitting question revolving around the Kansas City Chiefs will focus on Alex Smith‘s ability to create big plays for Andy Reid. Despite his efficiency, he simply won’t challenge the defense.

Even if Smith fails the stretch the field this year, the Chiefs have plenty to run away with this thing. The big play topic will be the nagging question come tournament time.

Like Jacksonville, the Oakland Raiders have a golden opporunity to impress and improve. We’ll be against it for now as John Elway‘s Denver Broncos are still loaded on defense with the best defensive mind in the game (Wade Phillips).

As far as the San Diego Chargers are concerned, 2016 will be a long campaign, Joey Bossa or not.


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