New York Rangers: Mark Messier Once Denied St. Louis Blues Entry To China Club (Video)

Nick Kypreos told a beauty of a story today involving New York Rangers legend Mark Messier and the world-renowned China Club.

What does Dave Chappelle and Mark Messier have in common?

Yeah, it’s a tough one. There’s no question about that.

The answer, after watching the above video, is the China Club.

According to Nick Kypreos, Messier’s one-time teammate with the New York Rangers and especially on the 1994 Stanley Cup Championship team, Messier once disallowed the St. Louis Blues from entering the China Club in New York City. Kypreos mentioned that they had to wait at least an additional 45 minutes prior to gaining entrance, all due to Mess.

The year this happened was the first season Messier made his presence felt on Broadway, the 1991-92 season.

If only Rick James was there too. That would be one hell of a party in the early 1990s.

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