With the stretch run hitting full swing, it comes time to look at the road between now and the MLB playoffs.

September 1 signifies more than a date, the start of a new calendar month, or simply another 24-hour interval in a 365-day year.

The start of September represents the real commencement of major league baseball’s stretch run. For five months, teams have been participating in a marathon, attempting to grasp a firm position in the standings day after day.

Now, contenders have separated from pretenders. The men have separated themselves from the boys. When push comes to shove, the prevailing teams will be those who slam their respective foots on the gas pedal.

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At the moment, the league, divided throughout the divisions, has varying senses of clarity. It is on each and every team to find that authoritative state which can hit home with the baseball landscape.

It all starts now. There is no looking back, creating a “no tomorrow” mentality for numerous ballclubs.

With that said, the state of the league consists of frontrunners and sleepers. Promising teams and potential busts. Pennant favorites and overhyped misfits.

Judging from today’s outlook, and taking September schedules into full consideration, who would prevail? Who would live to see another day? Who would head into the postseason expecting nothing less than the promise land?

ESNY’s projections may shed some light on a brewing baseball world.

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