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Boston Red Sox Present David Ortiz With Real Size Lego Statue

David Ortiz’s farewell tour just got even sweeter as the Boston Red Sox unveiled an astonishing replica.

David Ortiz made entirely out of legos.

If someone presented that idea to you, the general consensus would be that the lego figure would look somewhat foolish.

As part of Big Papi’s farewell tour, the Boston Red Sox defied those odds and had a life-size lego figure created of the aging slugger. Crazily enough, the sculpted work of art is a spitting image of the baseball icon himself.

The feat is simply amazing, essentially creating a 6’7″ image of him with his arms in the air, replicating his classic maneuver when he touches home plate following a round-tripper.

This farewell tour just keeps getting greater. As he takes his last trip through the stadiums, organizations begin to appreciate what he has meant to the game.

This gesture, however, defines unique. It is priceless.

H/T: Bleacher Report

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