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The 2016 MLB Rage-Stars: A Team Of The Biggest Hotheads In Baseball

SP – Yordano Ventura

Ventura has only spent a little over three seasons in the MLB but has already gained the reputation of one of the biggest hotheads players in the game.

In April of 2015, alone, Ventura caused the benches to clear three times. The first instance occurred as he exchanged words with Mike Trout while he made his way to first base. When Trout came home to score, the pair started another confrontation and the benches cleared.

In his next start, Ventura caused the benches to clear against the Athletics after it was believed he intentionally threw at third baseman Brett Lawrie. And then, in his third straight start, he confronted White Sox outfielder Adam Eaton, causing the benches to clear yet again. On April 30, Ventura began serving a seven-game suspension.

Ventura started more trouble this past June in an altercation with Baltimore slugger, Manny Machado. Ventura continually threw inside to Machado, and then, in his next at-bat, plunked him with a 99-mph fastball. Machado proceeded to charge the mound, where he and Ventura threw down. Ventura was suspended another eight games for this incident.

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