New York Rangers' Henrik Lundqvist Reveals New Goalie Mask (Photo)
Brad Penner, USATSI

The New York Rangers’ star goalie Henrik Lundqvist reveals something beautiful as the World Cup of Hockey approaches.

As the World Cup of Hockey comes rapidly, now is the time when we see players start to show off their brand new gear.

Oftentimes, it’s the goalies gear that’s most anticipated (for obvious reasons).

New York Rangers legend Henrik Lundqvist is no exception as he’s known for having a flashy, great looking set of gear.

A perfect case in point is what The King posted on Twitter on Sunday:

As you can tell, Lundqvist has not left his New York roots behind.

The mask displays the Statue of Liberty on both sides of the mask with the iconic Ranger blue throughout the mask.

Of course, Team Sweden’s colors are shown as well, with the gold going perfectly with the blue.

Taking this into account, what Lundqvist’s mask will look like for the season still remains a mystery.

However, knowing The King, it will be nothing less than fantastic.

H/T Twitter, @HLundqvist30

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