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The Greatest Individual Calendar Month Performances In MLB History

2. Sammy Sosa — June 1998

In 1998, right in the heat of his prime, Cubs superstar Sammy Sosa jacked 66 homers and knocked in 158 home runs, waltzing his way to NL MVP honors.

Cork in his bat, performance enhancing drugs … you name it. You can make any accusation you want. The numbers still exist and live to this very day.

Say It Ain’t Sosa? In 27 games in the month of June, he cracked a major league record 20 home runs and drove in 40 runs, catapulting himself to a first half which saw him crack 33 long balls.

Sure, his .298 average for the month is a bit underwhelming comparatively, but that kind of power production simply does not leave you empty handed.

It should go without saying that no one will eclipse that 30-day home run total as long as we live.

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