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The Greatest Individual Calendar Month Performances In MLB History

1. Barry Bonds — April 2004

Let’s just say that Barry Bonds, throughout his entire career, logged enough magnificent monthly outbursts to fill this entire list. However, it is only fair to spread the wealth a little bit.

Rather than leaving others out of the equation, evaluating Bonds’ best big league month makes the most sense. In 2004, the eventual home run king was so highly feared that he was walked a major league-record 232 times, producing an on-base percentage of .609. Furthermore, he set another record when 120 opposing skippers decided to give him a free pass.

Yet, still, in only 373 official at-bats over 147 games, the 39-year-old was able to smash 45 home runs. When it was all said and done, he took home his fourth straight NL MVP.

Without his month of April, by far the best individual month of all-time, he may not have accomplished a four-peat.

His slash was .472/.696/1.132. No words can truly describe it.

Do not be deceived, but that last number is a slugging percentage. His OPS? How about 1.828?

Not to mention — with all of the fear resulting in intentional walks — that he was still able to launch 10 round-trippers and plate 22 runs. 2004, especially taking age into consideration, has to go down as the most fascinating and distinguishing year in MLB history.

Baseball stat fanatics just go crazy looking at such numbers. Thanks to the staggering efforts, Bonds will never be forgotten for putting up the greatest individual calendar month performance in the history of the sport.

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