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The Greatest Individual Calendar Month Performances In MLB History

3. Todd Helton — May 2000

It is quite hard to believe that Helton only finished fifth in the NL MVP voting back in 2000. Perhaps the BBWAA was caught up in the environment he played in, Coors Field, but the numbers he showcased over 160 games were otherworldly.

A 26-year-old at the time, he jolted 42 homers and drove in 147 runs while raking his way an astounding slash of .372/.463/.698.

He can give his regards to the month of May as it was a ginormous part of that success. Before we get into the power, let’s look at the slash. Helton’s line read .512/.588/1.000. Yes, that is is a .512 batting average. To answer your next question, that is, in fact, a slugging percentage of 1.000. Just utterly insane.

How did he achieve such a slugging percentage? Well, 11 home runs and 26 RBIs in merely 23 May games does not hurt.

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