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The Greatest Individual Calendar Month Performances In MLB History

4. Babe Ruth — July 1920

In his first season in the Bronx, also his first season as a full-time position player, the Great Bambino blasted 54 homers and drove in 135 runs while sporting an absolutely incredible 1.379 OPS.

These were numbers that no one never been seen. The year prior, Ruth led the league with a mere 29 dingers.

The overall numbers were unheard of, but even more unheard of was his month of July. As the weather got warmer, the ball started to fly like never before.

In arguably the greatest month of his career, the Babe put up 13 homers, 33 RBIs, and 1.581 OPS in 34 July games back in 1920. The 25-year-old’s slash line of .440/.611/.970 was just something you do not see.

With that calendar month performance, George Herman Ruth began to solidify himself as the best player to throw on an MLB uniform.

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