Fan Pays Over $3000 For Steph Curry Game-Used Mouthguard 2
Bob Donnan, USATSI

One fan paid a large sum of money just to obtain a game-used mouthguard worn by last year’s NBA league MVP.

Let’s paint a picture real quick.

The mail carrier comes and brings you a mysterious envelope. You are not expecting anything in the mail and there is no return address listed. You cautiously open the envelope, you reach in, and you can’t believe your eyes. The envelope is filled with $3,200 straight cash.

What would you do? Book a vacation to the Caribbean or Europe? Pay off some loans? Treat yourself to a nice night out?

How about paying for a chewed up mouthguard?

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On Sunday, a game-used mouthguard from two-time NBA MVP Stephen Curry was auctioned off for $3,190 by SCP Auctions. Curry is known for his other-worldly shooting ability, his slick drives to the hoop, but also for his signature mouthpiece hanging out of his mouth, sometimes even being thrown out during Warriors games.

There have been some shocking sales on the internet. Most recently, sealed bags from Kanye West concerts had a price tag of $60,000 on eBay. That, of course, was a joke, but this Steph Curry mouthguard is very serious and real.

It’s cool to have a unique and diverse sports memorabilia collection, but this one might be on the weirder side.

I guess this isn’t much different than the people collecting game-used jerseys or gloves since the mouthpiece is part of Steph’s uniform. It’s just odd that a person would pay over $3,000 for a piece of plastic that another person was chewing on.

This sale does not take the cake when it comes to strange sports memorabilia auctions, however. The jock strap Joe Frazier wore when he beat Muhammad Ali had a starting bid of $5,000 …

Hey, in America, we have capitalism and you can spend your money on whatever you want, even a chewed up piece of plastic from an NBA star.

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