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Ambidextrous Pitcher Ryan Perez Throws Heat From Both Sides (Video)

Cleveland Indians farmhand Ryan Perez defines rarity with ambidextrous abilities.

There is a 70-95 percent chance that you are right-handed. If you also have ever thrown with your less-dominant hand, you know how awkward it feels and how silly you look. It just isn’t natural and your mechanics go out the window.

There is one pitcher trying to break that mold and become a dominant ambidextrous pitcher. Cleveland Indians prospect Ryan Perez throws 90-plus with both his left and right hand.

The 22 year-old distinguishes himself from previous ambidextrous pitchers because of how hard he throws. However, Perez is struggling in the minor leagues, owning a career ERA of 5.81 and only striking out 36 batters in 48 innings of work.

He was selected in the 12th round of the 2015 MLB Draft by the Indians as a starter out of Judson University.

They quickly turned him into a relief pitcher and will continue to try and make him the first ambidextrous pitcher to have a successful MLB career.

Let’s hope he improves in the minors and someday makes it to the big leagues as it would be fun to watch a pitcher throw over 90 mph with both of his hands in the same inning.

H/T: Bleacher Report

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