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New York Yankees: Joe Girardi Choked Up In Postgame Presser (Video)

New York Yankees skipper Joe Girardi had a tough time holding back his emotions following Alex Rodriguez’s final game.

Regardless of prior conflicts, disagreements, or overall discontent, Joe Girardi clearly had a soft spot in his heart for Alex Rodriguez.

That true admiration flared through following A-Rod’s final game which saw him go 1-4 with an RBI along with a late appearance at third base.

The Yankee manager went on to say how he wanted to make the game special for Rodriguez if it was, in fact, his last.

A full week of back-and-forth between the skipper and the 41-year-old has now come to an end, and it ended rather nicely. Not only did A-Rod get his wish but Girardi displayed a welcoming attitude in the process.

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