New York Rangers: Derek Stepan Found A Friend
Aaron Doster, USATSI

New York Rangers forward Derek Stepan had a great Olympics back in 2014. Too bad that it wasn’t because of his activities on the ice.

Have you have ever wondered whether or not New York Rangers forward Derek Stepan is a good guy?

Well look no further.

While Stepan didn’t bring a medal back to the good ole’ US of A, he didn’t bring a dog back to his home country.

While spending time with his teammate, Boston Bruins forward David Backes, Stepan came across a stray dog.

After some discussion, Steps and his wife decided to adopt the Russian pooch.

Stepan talked with People magazine about his four-legged buddy, Jake.

“Jake had a high level of anxiety when we first brought him to New York, and it still takes some adjustments when he is getting to know people. But now, people say Jake is a great dog, and he has allowed himself to not be scared.”

Well at least someone isn’t scared of the Rangers’ future.

“He’s spoiled. His favorite thing to do is play with other dogs, he is high energy and loves to wrestle, wrestle, wrestle.”

Wrestle, wrestle, wrestle, eh Steps?


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