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New York Yankees: Ranking The Worst Mark Teixeira Meltdowns

1. June 10, 2011 — Mark Teixeira vs. Fausto Carmona

In his second at-bat which directly followed a long first inning home run, Fausto Carmona — in an absolutely uncalled for fashion — went up and in with a pitch that clearly intended to drill Teixeira in the noggin. In this case, Tex had every right to be infuriated.

Hurling one up and in following a home run? Bush league.

As he grew increasingly heated, the benches cleared, the players converged, the two managers — Joe Girardi and Manny Acta — exchanged some loud words, and everybody had to be held back.

In one of the more nonsensical forms of pitching, Carmona showed how low-class he was. Fittingly enough, the man who did not know how to stay elegant on the mound was concealing his identity.

Thank you, Roberto Hernandez.

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