The New York Yankees received a much-anticipated answer with regards to the future of their most promising young arm.

Moments after Luis Severino jogged in from the Yankee bullpen, the organization received long-awaited answers. Any which way you try to slice it, the 22-year-old is a pivotal piece to the future.

The look of the starting staff once the Yankees are a truly relevant ballclub is largely dependent on his right arm, his poise, and an ultimate desire to adjust and improve.

For a guy who put his and the franchise’s future in question with his early season struggles, last night was an absolutely tremendous step in the right direction.

It was not merely the utter domination of a New York Mets lineup in desperate need of production, it was the manner in which he presented himself on the mound. There was no hesitation, second guessing, or hiccups of any sort.

The repetitive delivery and constant motion which earned him a 2.89 ERA in his first taste of big league action last year was ever-so-present when he took the hill. His fastball was spotted to perfection, his slider was buried, and his groove allowed for no regrouping time afforded to any opposing batter.

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Additionally, his fastball had life. Dialing it up as high as 98 mph, he displayed the liveliness in his arm which he has never relinquished.

Simply put: it was vintage Luis Severino.

As soon as he departed, in line for a win, every fan, coach, team official, and teammate was afforded a sigh of relief. Why? Each and every individual involved with the New York Yankees in some way, shape, or form knows just how imperative his progress is to the future plans of the organization.

The justification behind his next start likely coming in the starting rotation is the maturity a young kid has shown throughout the toughest times of his career, arguably all coming this year. After being hurt and eventually demoted, he dominated his way back to the bigs.

After being thrust into a bullpen role upon arrival, he has struck out 10 over 8.1 innings of relief.

How about his desire and will to win? Look at the showcased emotion following this pivotal strikeout:

With little to no experience involving the major league grind, he has made the little improvements that make the ultimate difference.

According to Brooks Baseball, in his seven starts prior to demotion, opponents hit .342 and .316 off his fastball and slider, respectively. The slugging percentage was no better, as his four-seamer yielded a .598 slugging and his offspeed variation permitted a .456 clip.

Looking past the obvious answer which would be confidence, the Yankees optioned him to Scranton to do one thing and one thing only: regain command.

Since his inevitable call to the Bronx, all opponents have done is admire his offerings. Coming into last night’s game, a hit had not been mustered off either his fastball or slider, and five strikeouts had been recorded as well.

No longer does the heater stay straight and get put on a tee for the opposition. As a result, the slider does not spin up there and act like an extremely slow and enticing fastball.

Putting the future aside, with his improvements and mechanical maneuvers, this guy is an asset right here in 2016 as well. Whether it be dominance in the rotation or in the late innings, he can get the job done and fill the holes left by the necessary trades.

However, his superb work backing up Chad Green’s subpar performance was fitting. It signified a shift in how the Yankees may want to utilize their arms moving forward.

Sure, Luis Severino took several steps back when the season commenced. Yet now, as effectively as ever before, he can serve as the guy who leads the Yankees’ youth movement from a pitching standpoint.

Exhale, Yankee fans. He is here to stay.

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