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New York Yankees: Ranking The Worst Mark Teixeira Meltdowns

2. July 27, 2015 — Mark Teixeira vs. Joe Espada

In a game the Yankees were handily controlling, third base coach Joe Espada waved Mark Teixeira around as if he would score easily on a base hit to center field.

However, Tex, who came home rather leisurely upon indication, was cut down at the plate and had to make a last-ditch sliding effort.

Immediately turning around and throwing his hands in the air, the first baseman made it known that his third base coach messed up. Not only did he cost the team an out, but he risked injury to an ever-so-fragile body.

Once he returned to the dugout, he uncharacteristically flung a cooler out of pure frustration. Yes, this was quite the meltdown over a play which initially seemed harmless.

In addition, he had no problem calling out Espada postgame:

“I can get hurt not expecting a play at the plate … There’s just a lot of reasons why that can’t happen … I’m sure it won’t ever happen again.”

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