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New York Knicks Core Displayed In Comical Animated Clip (Video)

The new look New York Knicks were spun into a hilarious short video which has made waves on Twitter.

This video (above) is living proof of the commonly used phrase “you see something new every day.”

The New York Knicks, with recent acquisitions, have completely revamped their roster in a questionable yet glamorous way. With the moves, the roster is apparently subject to comical videos on the web.

Fittingly enough, the only member of the starting five left out was Courtney Lee, or the least questioned individual of the bunch. Instead, he was replaced with boss Phil Jackson.

Without a doubt, this is one of the stranger videos you will see until opening tip late this fall. With that said, I personally challenge you to watch it in its entirety without grinning at the very least.

H/T: FOX Sports

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