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Hansel Robles Accuses Mark Teixeira Of Stealing Signs (Video)

Judging from tonight, New York Yankees first baseman Mark Teixeira is not trying to make too many friends in the third base dugout.

Stealing signs?

In a ridiculous sequence of events, the seventh inning of Wednesday night’s Subway Series matchup was stalled due to Hansel Robles’ suspicions.

With Mark Teixeira on second base, Robles took some major time to let the veteran that he was relaying pitches to his fellow teammates.

Honestly, please tell me what is wrong with this scenario? If you do not like signs getting leaked, execute your pitches please. The outcome is indicating you just cannot get your job done.

Morality aside, between his second inning home run, his frustration with a plunking in his next at-bat, and now his antics on second base, Tex is doing his best to put his stamp on the series.

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