Mark Teixeira Gets Ridiculously Infuriated With Steven Matz (Video)

Following a home run in the second inning, Mark Teixeira stepped back up and was drilled by a Steven Matz fastball.

Tell us how you really feel, Mark.

After blasting an opposite field go-ahead homer in the second inning, Mark Teixeira was hit below the knee with a Steven Matz fastball in his next plate appearance. Clearly viewing it as a message pitch, the Yankee first baseman evidently displayed frustration with the Mets’ southpaw (video above).

On a night which has featured no command from Matz whatsoever and a harmless 6-3 Yankee lead, there is little to no chance that intention is attached to that offering.

Teixeira may be a little upset that his health was jeopardized once more, but that’s simply part of what has become a tricky game for the 36-year-old.

The game is currently in the seventh inning as the teams battle it out in the Bronx. Catch the remainder of the action on YES or SNY.

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  1. teixeira hasn’t been relevant since 2011 and i suppose he’s frustrated about his derailed career, but there’s no reason to act like a baby…no pitcher intentionally throws at a batter’s legs…time to hang em up, mark?