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Top Five Moments In Subway Series History

2. June 12, 2009: “He Dropped The Ball!”

Power vs power, K-Rod vs A-Rod with the game on the line. It should have come down to this but the result of the at-bat between Francisco Rodriguez and Alex Rodriguez was as unexpected as they come.

After walking the red-hot Mark Teixeira to face him, A-Rod hit what appeared to be a harmless pop-up to shallow right field that should have secured a victory for the Mets.

However, the second baseman Castillo backpedaled and as he reached out to make a one-hand grab, the descending pop fly popped right out of his glove.

Then, Castillo threw the ball to second base without noticing the Yankees’ first baseman was rounding third and scoring the winning run in the most improbable fashion.

In a game that saw the lead change a total of six times, the Yankees would take it 9-8 thanks to the inability to use two hands.

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