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Despite the rumors swirling around the head of Greg Monroe, it would be best for the New York Knicks and Phil Jackson to stay away.

Dear Phil,

We’ve had a tough time in our relationship thus far. You came in with hype last seen when Carmelo Anthony came back to town, and we thought you were finally the one.

Not Larry Brown. Not Isaiah Thomas, Not Mike D’Antoni. Not every other failed managerial move since Jeff Van Gundy took a redeye to Houston.

Instead, it’s been full of disappointment and false hope.

You traded Iman Shumpert, JR Smith and Tyson Chandler with only Lance Thomas to show for it. You traded away three core members of the team – and we use “core” loosely – for someone who we hope will be a part of our next core, but didn’t realize at the time.

You gave us Derek Fisher, Kurt Rambis and even Jeff Hornaceck over Tom Thibodeau, someone who we consider as an extension of us.

You gave us a horrendous 17-65 first season, just to follow it up by an improved but just as dreadful 32-50 campaign.

But you also gave us Kristaps Porzingis. That magical, mythical unicorn who happens to be one of the brightest youngsters in the game and someone who we can – finally – build our franchise around.

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And you gave us hope for 2016.

Sure, Joakim Noah and Derrick Rose are the definition of high risk, high reward, Courtney Lee’s contract may be too long and you still need a shooter off the bench; but you gave us a team that we can sink our teeth into and get behind at the Worlds Most Famous Arena.

With all this being said: Phil, please say no to Greg Monroe.

This move screams one that would be made by the same management we’re still trying to rid from our memory. Yes, he can score, rebound and provide an added presence on the floor. But he doesn’t fit into (hopefully) our uptempo offense that can make us an NBA TV League Pass Team. He doesn’t compliment Noah and, more importantly, Porzingis well, and he’s making too much money to be a bench player.

And he’s going to cost something. We haven’t had many first round picks over the last decade, and we would like to add some home grown players to our evolving basketball team.

You’re starting to gain our trust, Phil. The light at the end of your tunnel is become clear. Don’t take a step back.


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