New York Knicks Stun Golden State Warriors In ‘Super Team’ 2K Battle (Video)

Inspired by Derrick Rose‘s recent words about “super teams,” Bleacher Report ran a New York Knicks-Golden State Warriors 2K simulation.

Finally, we have hardened evidence that the New York Knicks will, indeed, be a force to be reckoned with this upcoming season.

This evidence doesn’t come by way of any analyst. It doesn’t come by way of Phil Jackson. It doesn’t even come by way of a bold Carmelo Anthony prediction.

Rather, it comes by way of Bleacher Report running a NBA 2K simulation.

The simulation (video above) was inspired by Derrick Rose’s latest comments regarding the notion that there are only two “super teams” in the NBA.

Shockingly, despite Kevin Durant making the Golden State Warriors one of the scariest teams on paper in years, Carmelo Anthony and his Knickerbockers came out on top in this simulation.

Obviously, this is scientific proof Jeff Hornacek‘s squad will be legit this season.

H/T Bleacher Report

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