New York Yankees

With recent trade deadline buzz involving an Aroldis Chapman deal with the Cubs, the New York Yankees can shape their roster for contention as soon as next year.

The absolute biggest mistake New York Yankees fans can make is taking a potential deal for face value. Gleyber Torres will not give the organization an overload of shortstops, he will simply add depth and, most importantly, value.

Unlikely is a scenario in which Brian Cashman keeps a firm grasp on three more than capable young shortstops. If Chapman ends up in a Cubs uniform, he will most likely have Didi Gregorius, Jorge Mateo, and Torres at his fingertips.

With that said, a fan needs to start by thinking logically. Why would they want three individuals of the same position who are all at an age of 26 or younger? Simply put, they do not.

In fact, a brilliant baseball move may be shaping up for the franchise. In what is currently a weak starting pitching market, the trio of infielders provides a wealth of assets to be shipped for an area of need.

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Do the Yanks necessarily need another shortstop? No. Do they need a front end starting pitcher in order to contend in 2016 or 2017? Yes.

Fans may be getting flat-out deceived by the latest rumors. Brian Cashman wants to sell and ownership wants to contend, but there is certainly a way they can do both in a successful manner.

There is a man by the name of Chris Sale who just performed an extremely interesting stunt in the Chicago White Sox clubhouse. Not only is he a stud, but he is already halfway out the door.

While the asking price may be ridiculous, parting with a guy like Chapman buys the Yankees some serious leeway. They can turn a Chapman-Torres deal into a Chapman-Sale maneuver in a heartbeat. In addition, they can shore up the seventh inning by reacquiring Adam Warren in the same deal from the Chicago Cubs.

Think the idea is crazy? Well, how far-fetched can it possibly be?

The pinstripes already have a guy in Mateo who is thought of highly throughout baseball. Combine him with one of the top prospects Chicago had to offer and you get value few teams can fathom. Perhaps you throw in Gary Sanchez and some change and you will have a tall, lanky, immensely talented, lefty slinger anchoring your rotation.

Team him up with Masahiro Tanaka, keep your veterans, hold on to the likes of Aaron Judge and Greg Bird. Two words: instant contention. Additionally, a promising future.

Again, why would the Yanks perform a complete overhaul if the general manager and ownership remain at odds? What everyone has to realize is the fact that a Chapman swap is not an overhaul by any stretch. In other words, it signifies more to come.

The complementary moves that remain in store are gambles which no one knows of yet. However, the Yankees can put themselves and their fans in a position to seriously contend as early as 2017. An even and effective mix of youth, stardom, and seasoned veterans would be sprinkled throughout the Yankee Stadium diamond.

Think outside the box, Yankee fans. The reports should not cause panic and immediate assumptions, they should cause direct intrigue.

The front office can bring about more than enough of that intrigue if the deal is finalized, and finalized soon. A 2017 upturn could very well be the mindset as concrete facts continue to surface.

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