Hilarity ensued on Twitter after reports leaked of Chris Sale‘s uniform meltdown.

Apparently, Chris Sale has a very selective wardrobe.

The Chicago White Sox unexpectedly scratched their ace from his start Saturday night. As the subject of ongoing trade rumors, many pundits thought the move stemmed from a potential deal.

That was far from the truth. Tommy Stoke of FanRag Sports reported, and many later confirmed, that Sale was upset that the front office decided to wear throwback uniforms on the night of his scheduled start. In a rage, he reportedly cut up the uniforms so no one could wear them. White Sox brass decided to send him home.

What was even better than the outrageous truth of the scenario was how Twitter reacted to the news. The reactions were unanimously hilarious and broad-sweeping, from GIFs to one-liners and everything in-between.

Here are some of the favorites:

The GIFs, of course, were wildly hysterical:

Every comedian come out of the woodwork to pay homage to the situation:

There was even a presidential query:

What would a scissor-related incident be without:

This is only the tip of the iceberg. Click here for the full scope of Sale jokes, reactions, and possible trade moves as the deadline nears.

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