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New York Mets’ Matt Harvey Tweets From Hospital Bed

Matt Harvey recently underwent season ending surgery, but it didn’t stop him from tweeting support for his team from his hospital bed.

New York Mets ace Matt Harvey may have seen his season end, but his team is still in the hunt for October. He underwent successful Thoracic Outlet surgery earlier this week, and the return of the Dark Knight will be highly anticipated next spring. Once again, a major Matt Harvey injury has created a highly anticipated return.

Harvey has been under constant fire from fans and media for his behavior (innings limit drama last season, appearing at Derek Jeter’s final game, etc.), but this photo should win him a few brownie points.

Harvey will have much to prove when returns next season. His performance this season raised enough question marks, but the major injuries he’s suffered will raise questions about his durability, too.

Before we start worrying too much about Harvey next season, it’s nice to see him supporting his teammates during a difficult time.

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